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A turnkey software solution to manage every aspect of your hospital, pharmacy or clinic using a web banner or a mobile app.

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Expand your boundaries with our management software for hospitals and clinics

Manage your operations from a centralized dashboard. The Health360 - eMedical System is extremely powerful and yet easy-to-setup using a web interface. Manage your medical team, patient data, critical inventory and everything in between from your PC browser or mobile app. Enjoy atomic control through a super admin web panel, hospital web panel and pharmacy web panel. Available on browser as well as iOS & Android. Comes with a dedicated doctor app for individual doctors at your hospital, pharmacy or clinic.

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    Present and future patients can search for doctors based on location and date and time for appointment. Filtered by specialties.

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    The patients can book appointments using the web interface or the mobile app from the comfort of their homes.

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    All your patient history is available to the patients as well as to you, for better management and communication.

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    Dedicated section for your pharmacy. Patients can search for medicines based on name, brand and ailment.

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    Patients and others can directly purchase medicines from the pharmacy section using an online shopping cart.

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    Complete delivery tracking. Both your customers and your admins can track individual deliveries and know their current status.

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    Patients and customers can upload e-prescriptions to make sure that they are buying medicines approved by their physicians.

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    Online video-based checkups can be conducted through virtual video sessions. Apartments and payments through the portal itself.

Here’s a small story of how our Health360 - eMedical System is helping hospitals and clinics thrive in difficult times

Read how a small, local hospital went multi-city with our eMedical System…

Dr Kelly Andrews is a respected cardiothoracic surgeon. After serving in the city hospital, she decided to go solo and open her own cardiac care clinic in the suburbs of Jacksonville, Oregon.

For all her existing patients, her clinic was a natural choice. From the first day itself, all her 8 beds were booked and there were 16 non-critical patients on the waiting list on an average. She had a dedicated and motivated team of nurses, one heart surgeon (besides herself) and three physicians, and a proficient admin staff. Things couldn’t have turned up better.

As things began to settle, the old patients left and the new patients came and as other administrative complexities caught up, she found it increasingly difficult to manage the day-to-day affairs of her clinic. Instead of focusing on her patients, she was focusing on running the clinic. Since the lives of patients depended on her, it was a great matter of concern for her that her attention was being divided between running the clinic and taking care of her patients. As the number of applications increased, to her great disappointment, it had a negative effect on the growth of clinic. She desperately needed a solution, or someone who could take charge of the administration, and even patient management so that she could focus on taking care of patients.

Then she came across eMS.

She knew that a lasting solution lay in a software application. She hired a team of programmers who had installed healthcare management systems and hospital management software applications in a few hospitals. She called the hospitals to find out if they were happy with the software solutions. They were not. Nonetheless, she hired a small team because she thought if she could guide the software developers in the right direction, they would be able to come up with the right solution for her clinic.

There came a time when she was managing patients, the administration of her clinic, and the team of programmers, who were always coming up with new questions.

This went on for 2 months and her health began to deteriorate. No solution was in the offing. The data in her office was still being maintained using different proprietary software applications such as MS Excel, Google Docs, Google forms and Slack. For payroll and accounting, she was using different software. For pharmacy, she had no solution and she needed to depend on another pharmacy portal, denying her a big revenue opportunity.

After 2 months, she gave up. She disbanded the software team and tried to make do with whatever they had been able to install, which posed more problems than providing a workable solution.

Patients began to leave. One patient almost died because of a scheduling mixup and she escaped her license from being revoked just by a small margin. It was mostly her reputation that saved the day for her. Nothing else worked

Then she came across the eMS eMedical System. Instead of presenting to her a list of 200 odd features that the software offered, the description of the website simply explained to her how her problems could be solved almost immediately.

The best part was, the software could be used through a web browser as well as mobile apps, something her team of programmers hadn’t offered.

The eMS eMedical System offered almost everything her heart clinic needed. She could have her own pharmacy working as a separate entity from a portal. The patient data could be integrated with all the other aspects of running and managing her clinic. Patients could fix appointments on their own through their dedicated dashboard. The patients could consult her doctors through web conferencing whenever a visit to the clinic was not necessary, suddenly bringing hundreds of more patients into the fold.

She doing Well..

Within the week of transferring her existing IT infrastructure to the eMS eMedical System, she began to experience marked improvements in the functioning of her clinic. It took almost a month to transfer her entire system but that was not the fault of the eMedical System but the way they had been maintaining their data using different applications. There were many applications from which the eMedical System was able to import the data directly, but from some applications, it needed to be done manually.

These days, her clinic is entirely being managed through the eMS eMedical System. The doctors can coordinate between their schedules, shifts and patients using their dedicated mobile apps. On many occasions, even when they are unable to personally see the patient, they can have a video chat which itself has saved many lives.

Her online pharmacy has been doing brisk business. Even patients from other cities are ordering medicines by uploading their prescriptions. Her doctors are able to provide consulting services to heart patients from multiple cities, generating more revenue sources for her clinic. Her inventory status is always up-to-date. The compliances are being taken care of on autopilot. She is already negotiating with another doctor in Denver to open an additional branch of her clinic. And this is all when she can devote most of her time in patient care.

Compelling reasons to use our software for hospitals and clinics

  • Deployable on the cloud and accessible through the browser and dedicated mobile apps for admins and doctors.

  • Complete customization and branding features for your healthcare center, hospital, pharmacy or clinic.

  • The interface is available both on iOS & Android as well as on all contemporary browsers.

  • Dedicated apps for doctors, patients, admins and super admins.

  • Easy to set up and install. You can operationalize our eMedical System within a few hours.

  • Import data from other hospital management software or clinic management software you are already using.

  • Manage a single hospital, clinic or healthcare center or multiple outlets.

  • Follow your doctors and physicians to provide consulting services through video conferencing and make extra revenue.

  • Manage every aspect of your hospital or clinic using payroll, staff, inventory, order processing, patient management, scheduling, bookings and compliances.

  • Incorporates multicurrency, multi-languages, digital wallets, SMS and call management and referral programs through additional features.

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A complete software solution for
all the stakeholders of your healthcare business

Doctor search

Patients and visitors can search for a doctor based on specialty, location and timing.

Appointment booking

Your patients can book appointments right from the mobile app after searching the right doctor.

Booking history

Your patients can maintain the entire history of the bookings they have made through the mobile app.

Medicines search option

The patients can look up the medicines they need based on name, brand or ailment.

Medicines purchase

Complete medicine shopping experience for your patients and users. Includes shopping cart and payment processing.

Delivery tracking

Allow your patients to track the exact status of the deliveries when they order medicines from your portal, including where they are, and when they’re going to be delivered.


Your patients can use digitally authorized e-prescriptions to order medicines online to make sure that they are buying only recommended medicines.

Virtual video sessions

Your doctors can provide remote consulting and diagnosis through video conferencing features that are built within the patient and doctor mobile apps.

Doctors and appointments management

Have complete control and monitoring capabilities on how many appointments are being made among individual doctors and patients. Generate reports.

Prescription management

Access all the prescriptions made by your doctors and accepted by your patients and find out how they are being used to purchase medicines from your pharmacy portal.

Prescription to pharmacy process

Maintain direct relationships between digital prescription numbers and the orders placed on your pharmacy portal for complete transparency and report generation.

Records management

Manage the entire hospital, pharmacy and clinic database from the web panel whether you are managing one hospital or multiple hospitals.

Dashboard and profile management

You can completely manage the profiles of doctors, patients, and the employees of your hospital/hospitals from a single dashboard.

Nurses management

Track the shifts of different nurses. Assign them to patients and doctors. Monitor their efficiency. Track their hours for payroll. Completely manage their activities and performance.

Filter search

Find the needed information extremely fast including doctors by specialties, patients by ailments, by visits or by doctors or by prescription slips and many other attributes to zero-in on the exact information you are looking for.

Receive orders

Receive orders from patients and customers automatically as well as manually through your pharmacy web portal and access individual orders for tracking and monitoring purposes.

New orders & process management

360° management of order processing through a centralized web portal. Maximum automation can be incorporated for faster processing and efficient handling.

Inventory management

The pharmacy management software keeps stock of your inventory automatically and triggers alerts whenever you need to place new orders or whether placing your orders wouldn’t be necessary yet.

Stock management & reports

Micromanagement of individual items along with their history of admin-side as well as customer-side purchases. Scores of reports within a few clicks based on years, months, weeks and days.

Returns management

Efficiently track the return requests from customers and patients. The system automatically updates your inventory when the items are returned, along with their condition.

Medicines & patients search

Find out exactly which medicines have been purchased by which patients with the help of prescription ids, patient ids and even ailments and medicine names.

Manage delivery person

Assign delivery duties to individual delivery persons. Track their movement. Send them messages midway using the SMS module. Track previous deliveries.

Order management to delivery persons

Directly connect individual delivery person with your order management system for better management, accountability and order tracking.

Separate account

Distinct accounts can be created for admins, delivery persons and even doctors for directly placing the orders from within the mobile app and tracking individual orders.

Getting new orders

Receive new order alerts on the mobile app whether the order is placed through a mobile app or from your pharmacy portal.

Manage order details

Access all the details about the new orders from the mobile app including inventory status, order quantity as well as payment status.

Order pickup and delivery

You can assign particular orders to your chosen delivery persons through your mobile app interface. This task can also be achieved automatically through pharmacy management software.

Live map tracking

You can track the movement of your delivery person in real time and know the status of the delivery while it is being delivered or when it has been delivered.

Custom delivery process

If the customer or the patient has special delivery requirements regarding particular medicines, you can customize the delivery process instead of following a preset routine.

Message notification

Send and receive messages individually as well as in bulk among delivery persons and the pharmacy admin

Availability setting

The doctors can let the patients know whether they are available on certain days and during certain timings from their dedicated doctor app.

View appointment schedules

Doctors and admins can directly access the appointment schedules and logs through the mobile app for better management as well as historical reference.

Manage the appointments

Appointments can be set, altered or cancelled by the doctors, by the patients or even by the admins based on circumstances or patient preferences.

Virtually connect with the patient

In case the patient cannot visit the hospital or the clinic or the gravity of the illness does not warrant a visit, the doctor can conduct a diagnosis through a video chat from within the mobile app.

View patient treatment history

To assess the condition of the patient, doctors can access patient history from within their mobile app going back to months and years.

Provide prescriptions to the patients

Digital prescriptions can be prescribed from within the app and they can be automatically forwarded to the patient accounts into the pharmacy portal.


Timely alerts can be sent to the doctors as well as the patients when the appointment time is approaching. Both doctors and patients can decide how much time in advance they should be alerted.

Manage profile

Doctors can manage their profile including their specialties, their qualifications, their consulting fee as well as their availability days and times.

Dashboard & settings

The super admin has complete control over the various modules and functions that come with the eMedical System, including customization, authorization and member management.

Patients management

Every aspect of the patients can be managed including their bookings, monitoring, prescriptions, history, contact details, communications and diagnosis.

Hospital management

Whether you manage a single hospital or a chain of hospitals, through your super admin web panel you get a hierarchical control of all your assets, departments and sections.

Medication management

You can access the medication records and schedules of all the patients in a single hospital or healthcare center or from multiple locations.

Delivery person’s management

Track delivery persons using GPS and related technologies. You can view individual movements. Views can be customized according to medicines, equipment and geographic locations.

Pharmacy management

Track orders, buying patterns, customers and inventory using the super admin web panel. Both automatic and manual inventory processing modules are available in the admin web panel.

Doctors management

Monitor and manage the schedule of your doctors including their appointments, visits, hours spent in the hospital and the patients they are attending to.

Service management

Efficient management of medical equipment, ambulances, blood banks, consulting surgeons and external services provided by the hospital.


Add-on features to extend the capabilities of the Health360 - eMedical System

Prescriptions import option
Discount management
Push notification
Cryptocurrency payments
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Track Vaccinations and Immunisation

Are you running a vaccination and immunization program at your hospital, health care center or clinic?

Our vaccinations and immunization module gives you complete control of administering vaccinations on your patients and keeping a close watch on their immunization schedules.

Whether you intend to run dedicated vaccination campaigns or you want to provide routine vaccinations to children, adults and the elderly, the module seamlessly adapts your requirements.

With Covid-19 vaccination trials going all over the world, many hospitals and clinics are providing different versions of the vaccination to their patients. Even if right know you're not providing Covid-19 vaccination, patients come to your hospital or clinic for routine rounds of vaccination for their loved ones and for themselves.

Build your Vaccination Module

    Vaccination management may include:

  • Acquiring vaccination doses and maintaining stock and inventory.
  • Maintaining real-time reports on the number of doses that have been given to the patients.
  • Keeping track of the current status of the health of the patients visibly the vaccine application and immunization.
  • Sending timely alerts to patients when it is time to administer a dose of the vaccine

    The module easily connects with your pharmacy management portal as well as the patient management database. You can send automated or manual SMS and instant app notifications. You can enter details using barcode. You can access patient history with a single tap or mouse click.

Add-on Features of Our
Hospital Management Software Solution

  • Multiple currency

    Take your hospital, clinic, healthcare center or pharmacy international by allowing transactions and payments in multiple currencies. Provide overseas medical consulting services through web conferencing and accept international payments.

  • Multiple languages

    Wherever you are, you can use our eMedical System. You can change the language of the admin areas, mobile apps and even web interfaces with just a couple of clicks. All major international languages supported.

  • Multiple payment gateway

    Allow your customers and patients to make payments using credit cards, debit cards, UPI and net banking

  • In app SMS/call

    Our medical mobile apps allow doctors and patients to communicate through instant messages and VoIP calls from within the mobile apps. You can schedule broadcasts based on various filters. The mobile apps also facilitate video calling

  • Digital wallet

    Your hospital patients and pharmacy customers can maintain their digital wallets to make it easier for them to make instant payments when they consulting your specialists or buying medicines from your pharmacy portal

  • Referral option

    Run a referral program and generate more business for your hospital, healthcare center and pharmacy portal.

  • Social media login

    Your patients and customers can login using their existing social media accounts without having to create dedicated accounts on your website or mobile app. This allows them to quickly sign in and start using your services or buying from you.

  • Ratings & reviews

    Allow your patients and customers to leave reviews and gain testimonials from happy patients and customers. This also encourages your doctors and specialists to give their best because they know they’re going to receive live feedback.

Mobile App

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Be empowered with our hospital management system

  • All the installation files
  • Mobile apps for different stakeholders
    on both Android and iOS
  • Complete customization
    and branding
  • Web-based panels for the super admin and individual admins of different departments

This is a complete solution that gives you healthcare management, hospital management, clinic management and pharmacy management capabilities using smart, highly advanced modules.

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Our Health360 - eMedical System installation, setup and deployment process

Are you busy taking care of your hospital, health care center, clinic or pharmacy? You don’t have a dedicated IT team? There is no need to worry. It shouldn’t stop you from using our exceptional quality hospital and clinic management software that will help you unleash the true potential of your setup and serve a greater number of patients.

Although we have built our system in such a manner that it can be used just out-of-the-box, every hospital has its own unique needs. In fact, one of the biggest strengths of our world-class healthcare software is that it can be easily customized and tailored according to your preferences. Here is our process of installing and deploying the healthcare center management system at the server of your choice:

Launch Your Healthcare CRM System
  • Upload and installation of the entire software either on your centralized server or one of the mainstream services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
  • Customization of mobile apps for different sections such as doctors, patients, admins & super admins as well as the pharmacy section.
  • Deployment of the mobile apps on mainstream app downloading platforms such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store from where your users can directly download Android and iOS mobile apps and install them on their mobile phones.
  • Import data if any, from other software or online services that you have been using and making appropriate connections with different models of our hospital management system.
  • Final testing, debugging and approval from all the stakeholders.

Our Hospital Management System Built With

Frequently asked questions about our Health360 - eMedical System

Does the medical system software come with API integration capabilities?

If you have unique API needs, we have a dedicated team to take care of this requirement. Just let us know which services and software apps you are already using and you would like to integrate, and our development team will do the needful.

Will doctors and patients be able to download and install mobile apps from Google Play and Apple’s App Store?

Definitely. We can help you deploy your mobile apps using mainstream app download services like Google Play and Apple’s App Store because our apps are available both for Android and iOS.

Does the E-Medical System come with branding features?

You can completely brand our software system according to your hospital, clinic, healthcare center or pharmacy. You can have custom logos and fonts. You can use stationary when generating reports, bills, invoices and prescriptions. You can have your graphics and logos on the mobile apps and on the website. The software will function as if you have got it custom made for your organization.

What about testing and server deployment? Will we receive help from your end or do we simply purchase the software and do it on our own?

It depends on your choice. If you already have an IT team you can go ahead. You can purchase the software from us and then allow your IT team to deploy it on your server and do all the needed testing. We will supply all the documentation. In case you don’t have your own dedicated IT team, we can help you deploy the entire medical system to your chosen server environment. We will also help you with thorough testing so that you can start leveraging the system as soon as possible.